World’s Longest LEGO Chain

In September, the Rotary DreamCatcher Project, Play-Well TeKnologies, and more than 400 participants, linked together the world’s longest LEGO chain. The Rotary DreamCatcher project will use proceeds from the event to help build a special needs playground at Old Meadows Park in Thousand Oaks, CA. For more information, visit



4 thoughts on “World’s Longest LEGO Chain

  1. Alexis, I want the world to be privy to your thoughtful and meaningful work. That is why I hope you continue to write the stories you write, record and report the stories you discover and create. The world needs people like you to keep them connecting to each other, and reflecting on what is important.

    I love you, Mom

    *Maud* *Maud Huey Kenyon, **MA,MS, MFT*

    *Licensed Psychotherapist805-798-3417 * *President, 2014-15, Rotary Club of Boulder Valley* *I support *

    *www. * *September 12, 2015, Community Park, Superior CO. * *Join Us and Give Back- all profits support local and international projects*

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