XRAY Archive Project: Hazel

If you lived in Portland during the early 1990’s, you likely know the band, Hazel. In their prime, the Portland-based, indie rock band packed clubs, toured nationally with Veruca Salt, and even headlined for Dead Moon. 

On this episode of the XRAY Archive Project, we learn about Hazel’s fleeting stardom, how homophobia and sexism affected their careers, and why, for the first time in nearly 20 years, the band feels closer than ever.   

Listen to XRAY Archive Project: Hazel 


One thought on “XRAY Archive Project: Hazel

  1. What brought Portland out of its reactionary state of mind? Putting pedophilia and homosexuality in the same classification is ignorant if you’ve ever read the DSM.

    I’m thinking maybe it was the music scene or the university?

    Did you just complete this interview? John thought he’d heard it before. You must be working for XRAY again.

    Thanks, for sharing. Both dad and I are not feeling well…must be the stress of intensive classes and the heat in CR. Love, mom Maud

    Maud Huey Kenyon,MFT, MS,MA Licensed psychotherapist

    Cell:805-798-3417 hueykenyon@gmail.com Boulder Valley Rotary Club Service Above Self

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